Keyscript Shorthand



It's amazing! Thank you so much for all your hard work. You must be a true genius to have come up with this system!
Ben Greer, Canada

As you can see, I am already trying your system and have high
hopes of its application in my life!
Leonard Vaughen, USA

I did manage to get through the first lesson and used the
techniques when I went to a 3 day conference in Sydney during
late July. It was invaluable. No way I could have taken sufficient
notes the old way.
Patrick Ernst, Australia

I find it an exciting journey and you have some very good ideas.
John Barker, Germany

Thank you for the brilliant system,
Will Inglis, USA

I also feel now that, now that I see how amazingly your system
mimics Pitman, that I could or should finally learn Pitman too.
Perhaps at the same time.

Mikhail Kuznetsov, Russia

Thank you for your prompt attention to my purchase.
I've only had a chance to skim a chapter or two but I'm already
greatly impressed with the elegance and brilliance of your system.
I'm excited!
Mo Abdelbaki, USA

THANKS Janet! Keyscript has really made taking notes in med school
SO much easier ... OK, a LOT less painful.
-- Becky (USA)

I have been studying your system. The notes are beautifully prepared
and it all seems something of a logical masterpiece. I have never effectively
studied a language - studying Keyscript is making feel like applying myself
one of these days - want to complete the Lightning Guide first though.
C. Gray, London U.K.

As for the Keyscript method I found it to be very interesting and fast enough
to compete with any of the symbol based shorthand systems in practice and
that too within a very short period of time, comparatively.
Adnan, Pakistan.

By the way, out of all the Speedwriting courses, yours was the easiest to get information about and to order from.  Fran G.  USA



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