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h dvne v qsr saz                   The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist

b sr rh knn dl                         by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


mrs 1894 t1901 nasv             From the years 1894 to 1901 inclusive

mr jrlk ms z a v bj                 Mr Sherlock Holmes was a very busy

mn.  ts sf tz ioz n                   man.  It is safe to say that there was no

pb ks v n df nc                      public case of any difficulty in which

izxsle dra 8                            he was not consulted during those eight

rs a or hnes vivt                    years, and there were hundreds of private

ko smvh v mz nea                 cases, some of them of the most intricate

akxo krk nc                           and extraordinary character, in which

iid a imnx xp.  mm                he played a prominent part.  Many

zreg skos a a fu nvdi             startling successes and a few unavoidable

flrs rtkm ve ln                       failures were the outcome of this long

prd vctnj wo.  syv                 period of continuous work.  As I have

iwq v fl xs v u i                     preserved very full notes of all these

ko a z ms prs ngu                  cases, and was myself personally engaged

n mm vh tmb mjx                  in many of them, it may be imagined

its n j tsk tn c                         that it is no easy task to know which

yi sla tl bfpb.                         I should select to lay before the public. 

yj wq iwv m fry rl                 I shall, however, preserve my former rule,

a gifrw ta ko                         and give the preference to those cases

cdrv o nez x jy                      which derive their interest not so much

miet v am s                           from the brutality of the crime as

mnjnt a eyk klt                      from the ingenuity and dramatic quality

v slc.  qe rsn yl w                  of the solution.  For this reason I will now

l bfrh h faske                         lay before the reader the facts connected

c ms cv smh h qsr                 with Miss Violet Smith, the solitary

saz vcrlntn akrj                      cyclist of Charlington, and the curious

sql v l nvzc                            sequel of our investigation,

cklmn n nksp ejd.                  which culminated in unexpected tragedy. 

ts e iza ex                               It is true that the circumstances did not

dy v n okg loc va                   admit of any striking illustration of those

prs qc m qx z fmj                   powers for which my friend was famous,

e or sm py iwks                     but there were some points about the case

cyt zx t na ln                          which made it stand out in those long

rok vam mc                           records of crime from which

yghmel qi ll                           I gather the material for these little

xnvs.                                     narratives.


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