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Keyscript & Pitman's

Keyscript is based on Pitman Shorthand.  This statement maybe surprising to some, seeing that Pitman shorthand is comprised of squiggly lines with narry a letter of the alphabet anywhere, whereas Keyscript uses only letters of the alphabet.  They do not look at all similar.  But search underneath, to the underlying philosophy of how to write rather than what to write, and even more underneath to the thoughts and intentions of Isaac Pitman himself, and you will see how alike they are.  But Keyscript has lots of advantages over Pitman. 

1.  It can be typed as well as hand written

2.  There are absolutely no symbols or signs to learn, so mastery of Keyscript is quicker than Pitman's

3.  We do not have to worry whether the strokes or lines of Pitman can physically join, therefore Keyscript can be written to rule, using a few simple rules to cover many thousands of words.

4.  With typing skills, Keyscript speeds can exceed Pitman speeds in a shorter period of time and with less effort. 

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