Keyscript Shorthand


Interesting Facts about Keyscript


e is a common letter in Keyscript, as it often means -ted at the end of a past tense of a verb.

Letters of the alphabet are much more evenly distributed in Keyscript than in English.  Infrequent letters in English, such as q, x & z, have important uses.

ng is represented by either n or g in Keyscript, depending on usage.  This contributes greatly to readability.


In continuous passages, the average word in Keyscript is less than two letters long.


The is often omitted in Keyscript, but it is always clear that it is there. 


There are no commas and no apostrophes in Keyscript.


Phrasing in Keyscript saves spaces, but this is far from its primary purpose.


One intriguing phenomenon is seen in combinations with s.  Strip & parts are both written as op.  So o is str as well as rts.  When o means rts, it is written backwards (reversed).



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